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Zenner Gas S.r.l. was established in 2006 when a division boasting a ten-year experience in the market was purchased in order to best meet the new requirements of the energy market. 

The Zenner Gas S.r.l.  quickly became a reference name for remote meter reading and remote management products and services. So much so that they played a leading role in the Smart Meters ROLL-OUT national plan set by AEEG (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas) in compliance with the 2020 deadline imposed...

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Mechanical wide-range gas meter WG2,5S


Android App


European Patent for the Meter with Blocker valve


...It is the first SMART METER with the unique electronic counter made in Italy in compliance with the Regulatory Order ARG/gas 155/08 and covered by international PATENTS.

Just by means of a mobile phone, these devices get AUTOINSTALLED and all activities...

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The feature that makes this meter unique is its ability to operate correctly in a wide range of flow rates and enables precise measurement from  Qmin 0,016 m3/h. This allows to replace the conventionale G1,6 - G2,5- G4 using only...

3 in 1 - Copia

Zenner Gas made MINI LEVEL, a revolutionary product that has CHANGED remote meter reading for LPG tanks.

Devices are AUTOINSTALLED, which makes activation and implementation simpler. Its excellent operation autonomy, remote parametrisation and the chance to change software remotely turn this into an...

Mini Level Rev8 v30 - Copia

These Smart 155-compliant meters use Point-to-Point GSM/SMS/GPRS technologies. They can be installed anywhere without distance constraints or network ‘tuning’ problems because they use the GSM/SMS/GPRS universal standard and the CTR standard transmission protocol as their communication ‘INFRASTRUCTURE’.

  • Comply with European standards...

G25 meccanico-elettronico

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